Standardized Testing in Social Studies:assessment cake.jpg
Pursuant to Session Law 2011-8 House Bill 48: No Standardized Testing Unless Req’d by the Feds., there will be no End-of-Course testing for American History or Civics and Economics effective during the 2011-12 school year.
  • There is no End-of-Grade testing for Social Studies K-8.
  • There is no longer an End-of-Course test for any of the high school Social Studies courses.

For specific questions regarding standardized testing contact Jim Kroening at

Measures of Student Learning for Teacher Effectiveness:
For information on the Measures of Student Learning (MSLs), contact Jennifer Preston at

Aligning Classroom Assessments to the new Social Studies Essential Standards:
View the following PowerPoint presentation for information on aligning classroom assessments in Social Studies.

Assessment Examples


High School:

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