6-12 C-SAL Game

I. Ready!

Here is an overview C-SAL game:

At your table, you will find three containers with slips of paper already filled in.
  • In one container (labeled "CO"), the slips of paper list different clarifying objectives.
  • In the second container (labeled "C"), the slips of paper list social studies content.
  • In the third container (labeled "S"), the slips of paper list pedagogical strategies (collaborative learning, PBL, differentiation, highlighting, etc.).

You are encouraged to add you own SPECIFIC strategies and/or pedagogical approaches adopted by your district or school (Marzano, TQM. etc) to the appropriate labeled containers using the markers and blank slips of paper available on your table.

  1. In the first round, each individual in the group will take a turn and draw from the "CO" and the "C" containers and brainstorm possibilities for the third container that would be an EFFECTIVE strategy or approach to support student learning.
  2. In a second round, the group will play as a team and have one person/captain draw from all three containers and brainstorm a lesson experience that could possess all three C-SAL components.
  3. We invite you to record your “successful” ideas on your C-SAL Game Recording Sheet provided here.

II. Set!
The presenter will briefly demonstrate how to play both versions of the C-SAL game.

III. Go!
At your table please begin the first round of the game. The presenters will be around to provide support. The presenter will let you know when to start round two of the game. Repeat this round as many times as you can in the time allowed.

IV. Finish Line!
Review highlights of your group's thinking at as you played the game.


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