Directions: Each group will have 20 minutes to use the information found in the PowerPoint section they are assigned and come up with a skit. Keeping in mind the information that you find in the section of the PowerPoint that your group has been assigned, role play by choosing one of the following skit starters in order to demonstrate your understanding of how to present information to students, express and/or allow expression and how to engage students all students. Each skit should be 2 to 3 minutes.

PowerPoint Presentations
Universal Design
English Language Learners

Academically & Intellectually Gifted
Problem-Solving, Data & Decision Making

The Role Play Prompts:
Group: AIG
  • The scene takes place in the teachers’ lounge the social studies teacher talks to his/her colleagues about how they are pulling out their hair and struggling in how to reach and teach their AIG students. They are feeling pretty low about how they seem to be losing their AIG and do not know how to challenge them while at the same time teach the rest of the class. What strategies could this teacher’s colleagues possibly share with them? (Keep in mind things you read that reference representation, expression, and engage.)

Group: Problem-Solving, Data and Decision Making
  • The scene takes place in a principal’s office a meeting is occurring in which the principal is meeting with their school leadership team sharing concerns about the school’s performance over the past year. What kinds of suggestions and current data will the team give about ideas for strategies and types of data to use or collect on how to improve instructional delivery and engagement as well as data around resources needed?

Group: ELL
  • The scene takes place in a parent-teacher conference with a student whose first language is not English. The conference has been called in an effort to find ways to help the student, who has been struggling learning social studies, become successful in class. (Keep in mind things you read that reference representation, expression, and engage.)

Group: Universal Design
  • The scene is set after school in a collaborative team meeting between the social studies teachers and the inclusion teachers. The discussion is about how the social studies teachers can begin to better meet and serve all students (regular education and those identified with specific learning needs. This skit should portray the types of questions that might be asked and the types of strategies suggested as well as the reasons why and how the strategies suggested would be effective in meeting the needs of ALL students.

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Additional Resources:

Artifacts for Learning. 2012. Simply Holmes. <>

A valuable resource that promotes active learning through student designed artifacts.


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