In this part of the session, participants will examine curriculum and instructional tools that can social studies educators in planning curriculum support, individual classroom lessons and instructional delivery. This page contains helpful resources that have been developed by the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction's K-12 Social Studies section and classroom teachers.


Summer Institute learning objectives associated with this part of the session are:
1. What resources are available to assist with the implementation of NCSCoS.

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7. How to apply the North Carolina Professional Teaching Standards in the Social Studies classroom.

Aligned North Carolina Professional Teaching Standards

Standard II - Teachers demonstrate leadership.
Standard III - Teachers know the content they teach.
Standard IV - Teacher facilitate learning for their students.

Learning Targets

After this part of the session, participants will be able to do the following statements:
  • I can recognize instructional tools that have been developed for K-12 Social Studies.
  • I can compare how instructional tools developed using the essential standards are different from past instructional tools.
  • I can summarize the purpose for each instructional tool and how each is meant to be used.